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FDA Guide Cover_updated

Get the truth about chemical abortion drugs and the FDA!

The U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA), mainstream media, and pro-abortion forces have not been honest about the dangers of abortion drugs and how the FDA has put women and girls at risk by removing important safety standards.

Are abortion drugs safe and effective, as the FDA claims? Was the removal of safety standards a science-based decision? Are abortion drugs just a basic part of reproductive care?

Finding truthful answers to those questions can be difficult, and this issue can be challenging for Americans to discuss. That’s why Alliance Defending Freedom has created a short, accessible, FREE guide: Holding the FDA Accountable: 3 Myths & 3 Facts.

Download the guide and equip yourself with the truth!

What’s inside:

  • The truth about how dangerous abortion drugs are to the health and safety of pregnant women.
  • How the FDA put women at increased risk by removing commonsense safety standards that protected women who used those high-risk drugs.
  • The pro-women doctors ADF is representing before the U.S. Supreme Court have witnessed firsthand the harm to women and girls caused by the FDA’s decision to remove the safeguards it once considered essential.

Get your copy of Holding the FDA Accountable: 3 Myths & 3 Facts and be equipped to help defend the truth about abortion drugs and the unlawful actions of the FDA.