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March For Life Rally

We’re building a culture that values life. Join the movement today!

Alliance Defending Freedom was proud to serve on the Mississippi legal team that overturned Roe. Now we’re taking the next crucial steps to advance the cause of freedom, including: 

  • Protecting the conscience rights of Americans like Minnesota pharmacist George Badeaux, who was sued because he can’t dispense a drug that may cause an abortion. George is a Christian who believes that an embryo is a new human life—he shouldn’t be forced to violate his beliefs in the workplace.
  • Defending the right of states to enforce life-affirming laws. We’re assisting the Idaho Attorney General’s Office in defending Idaho’s life-saving law before the U.S. Supreme Court in Spring 2024. 
  • Protecting the constitutional rights of doctors and medical professionals to stand by their deeply-held values and religious beliefs. They have the right to choose to protect life, and shouldn’t have to pick between their conscience and their job. 

Will you join us in helping create and sustain a culture that values life?