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Lorie Smith of 303 Creative
Alliance Defending Freedom

Commit to Pray for Lorie Smith

Novel. Unprecedented. Staggering.

These words have all been used to describe a federal appeals court decision that said Colorado officials can force artist Lorie Smith to create custom designs and promote messages that violate her beliefs.

Lorie left the corporate design world to start her own design studio, 303 Creative, in 2012 so she could promote causes consistent with her beliefs and close to her heart, such as supporting children with disabilities, the beauty of marriage, overseas missions, animal shelters, and veterans.

She was excited to expand her portfolio to create websites that celebrate marriage between a man and a woman.

But a Colorado law is censoring what Lorie wants to say and requiring her to create designs that violate her faith and God’s design for marriage.

While Lorie creates graphic designs for everyone, including those who identify as LGBT, she can’t create all messages.

She decides which projects to design based on the message requested and never the person requesting.

Every message she creates or promote must be consistent with her deeply held religious beliefs.

But Colorado is violating her civil rights by forcing her to speak inconsistent with those beliefs—the very core of who she is. This clearly violates the Constitution.

When Colorado uses the force of law to control what someone can or can’t say, it chooses which Americans have freedom and which ones don’t.

It’s no wonder that Lorie’s case has landed at the U.S. Supreme Court, which will hear arguments in this landmark case this December.

Free speech is essential to a free country and benefits everyone. Without it, freedom vanishes as a government that can coerce and silence someone because it doesn’t like her convictions has unlimited power. Will you join us in covering Lorie and this pivotal case in prayer?

Free speech is for everyone, and no one should be forced to say something they don’t believe. Every American should be free to say what they believe without fear of government punishment.

Please sign your name below to commit to praying for Lorie—and for the freedom of speech of all Americans to prevail in this case.

Thank you for standing up for free speech! I stand with you and am praying for you.