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Prosecutor v. Räsänen

Finland claims to protect free speech, but its prosecutor general is targeting Parliamentarian Dr. Päivi Räsänen for her beliefs


In 2019, Finnish police interrogated Päivi Räsänen for the ‘crime’ of tweeting her biblical worldview. Räsänen, a Finnish medical doctor, active parliamentarian, former Minister of the Interior, mother, grandmother, and Christian, posted the tweet to question her church’s official sponsorship of the Helsinki LGBTQ ‘Pride 2019’ event. Following the tweet, the police also investigated a pamphlet that she authored for her church in 2004 titled, “As Man and Woman He Created Them” about sexuality and marriage. Bishop Juhana Pohjola also stood trial alongside Pohjola for publishing the pamphlet.

Case Profiles

Paul Coleman, Executive Director, ADF International
Paul Coleman
Executive Director, ADF International
Paul Coleman serves as executive director of ADF International from its headquarters in Vienna, overseeing the advocacy and operations of the global, alliance-building legal organization.
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Kristen Waggoner
CEO, President, and General Counsel
As the CEO, president, and general counsel of Alliance Defending Freedom, Kristen Waggoner leads the faith-based legal organization in protecting fundamental freedoms and promoting the inherent dignity of all people throughout the U.S. and around the world.